Crafted from 3D printed, CNC machined and laser-cut parts; resistance is a time-based, interactive, mechatronic sculpture that emulates the articulated flapping of bird’s wings. A series of these mechanical birds are mounted to a wall and, through various intensities of flapping, respond to the viewers’ movements within the space. The objects simultaneously invite and intimidate with their graceful, fluid motion contrasted by the direct reactivity of their activation.


Obsessed with old movie cameras, clocks and other time-related mechanizations; I set out to combine the moving image with sculpture while satiating my passion for designing mechanisms. In this quest, I created the intertrope; a kinetic sculpture that resembles the classic parlor toy called the “zoetrope” yet is an entirely new, contemporary animation device. It has the ability to animate 2D and 3D objects without any need for special lighting, mirrors or viewing aids.

Promenade is my first intertrope device and has been an inspiration for many works since as I constantly revisit the intertrope as a medium.